Chemistry Biology Health


Training by Research for Innovation.
The CBS option is geared towards therapy and is at the crossroads of chemistry and life
sciences. It trains engineers with dual skills in chemistry and in biology.

Contenu d'enseignement

1. Organic Chemistry

  • Reaction mechanisms and reactivity
  • Amino acids and sugars
  • Stereospecific synthesis

2. Biology: elective course of the UM/ENSCM health biology master

  • Drug pathway
  • Pathology neurobiology and endocrinology, molecular and cellular biophysical pathway
  • Interaction infectious host/agent pathway
  • Control of cellular determinism pathway

3. Methodology

  • Proteomic mass spectrometry
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell imaging

Major project

  • Project on technological platforms histology - proteomics and mass spectrometry
  • Project in research units
  • Development of a research project

Métiers et secteurs d'activités ciblés

The Research and Development (R&D) engineer pilots
the scientific aspects of innovative projects in a laboratory.
He is the essential interface between the design and the development of new
products. He follows the evolution of the project from the laboratory to the pilot scale.

The project manager plans, organizes and coordinates a project
from the design to completion. Projects can be in research
and development, in production or reorganization of systems.

The Product Manager is responsible for a product (or product line) whether it is an existing
product or an innovative product that follows from its functional design to its commercialization.
He evaluates the needs of the market, expresses them to the R&D teams and
accompanies the launch of the product (commercial development, good positioning of the price …).