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All over the world

ENSCM develops relations with more than 130 institutions in 27 countries in the fields of training and research.

The ENSCM develops university partnerships in all continents: Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania, Asia, Africa to offer multiple opportunities to its students.

The ENSCM has long had a strong policy of openness to the international.
She was part of the first circle of pilot institutions that experimented with the European ECTS evaluation system and were active as soon as they were put in place.
in European mobility programs.

Since then, the ENSCM has always encouraged its students to integrate an international experience into their training, in Europe and outside Europe.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the many partnerships of the ENSCM and aware of the importance of openness to international, students spend 6 months abroad (study or internship mobility) during their course of study; only 3 months are required for graduation.