PhD thesis

The ENSCM is the 2nd national ranking of post-graduates chemistry schools.

The ENSCM is mainly involved in:

  • Post-graduate students and PhD training
  • Research projects development
  • Technologies development and transfer


One of the French “Grandes Écoles”: selective, academic institutions preparing students to postgraduate degrees in science with high-standard professional training in the field of chemistry.

Member of the network of the 20 French schools of chemistry and chemical engineering


The ENSCM benefits from:

  • The excellent research potential of research units associated to CNRS, XXX researchers and XX PhD students (French and international)
  • A large industrial partnership in and outside Europe.
  • Structures with engineering facilities: development lab, pilot-plant, as well as a start-up business incubator,



  • Montpellier is the 8th city in France. It’s one of the oldest faculty of medicine in Europe (built in 1220). There is 250,000 inhabitants including 70.000 students.
  • The geographical location of Montpellier, in the south of France, facing the Mediterranean basin and close to Paris (1h10 by plane – 3h15 with the high-speed train) makes it a destination for leisure for short and medium stays.
  • Montpellier’s area is one of the leading business gateways into European and Mediterranean markets for international companies. It is a key location for technology and life science companies planning to expand their market reach into the European market.