Industry as actor of the training

  • Partnership with more than 1300 companies
  • More than 120 industrial teachers
  • Annual meeting between students and companies
  • 3 compulsory placements


Process Engineering Unit & Pilot-plant

Typical pilot plant equipment set-ups for chemical synthesis and quality control are available to develop and optimize synthetic plans of molecule batch, size ranging from milligram to dozens of kilos: continuous micro-reactor – kilolab batch reactor system – 50 to 500 L reactors systems.


Technology transfer

ENSCM research teams have extensive experience working with companies.
The ENSCM technology transfer office provides know how to promote and manage scientific collaborations with industrial partners providing contracting, patenting and financial support to researchers in their fields of expertise: organic moleculemanufacturing, catalysis, nano and molecular chemistry, organic and inorganic materials.

Partner laboratories main countries:  Algeria, Germany, BelgiumBrazilBulgaria,  Canada,  China, Spain, U.S.A,   Great-Britain, Hungary,   India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Tunisia.

A French label of excellency awarded by the « Agence Nationale de la Recherche ».

The Chimie Balard Cirimat Carnot Institute (CBC Carnot Institute) is a group of public research institutes committed to partnership research with industry.


Given the Carnot label in 2006 by the Ministry of Research, our institute draws on the recognised research expertise of more than 600 researchers in the areas of Chemistry, Materials and Processes.


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