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Internships are an important part of the training curriculum for future engineers (12 to 14.5 months), and are reflected in compulsory internships over the three years of the engineering cycle. It allows the student to refine his professional project and put into practice the lessons learned.

In first year, an “Executing” internship of 8 to 14 weeks

The purpose of the internship is to confront the future engineer to industrial realities and to give him concrete references of the world of work:
importance of human contact, communication, discipline, safety, quality, respect for schedules (shift work), etc.

  • This internship can take place between mid-May and end of August.


In second year, a 16 weeks period (minimum) at “Engineer-Assistant” level

With a solid scientific and technical background but also a good knowledge of the engineering trades, this internship places students in the position of assistant-engineers in companies in a wide variety of sectors. It will be a practical application of the knowledge acquired at ENSCM which will be accompanied by a first coaching experience.

  • This internship can take place between mid-April and mid-September.

The End of Studies Project, 24 weeks to 6 months in a company

This is the finalization of the training of the student engineer through a long experience in industry or laboratory. This internship can be carried out in all sectors of the chemistry as well on scientific and technical aspects as in relation to support functions (Hygiene, Safety, Environment, Quality, Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, Logistics, etc.).

It aims to understand a business problem in the most complete way possible (combination of theoretical, technical, economic, etc.).

  • This internship can take place between the beginning of March and the end of September.

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