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Outgoing students

To obtain the ENSCM engineering degree, an international experience of at least 3 months during the course of the training is mandatory.

However, taking advantage of the opportunity of the many partnerships of the ENSCM and aware of the importance of openness to the international, our students rather spend 6 months abroad during their course

It could be :

  • study mobility, during the 2nd or 3rd year of engineering: a semester or a full academic year carried out abroad
  • industrial internships at the end of second or third year

International exchange programs

Several international exchange programs facilitate the student mobility of our students in 77 partner institutions.



Various modes of financing student mobility and internships abroad are offered to our students:

  • the Erasmus + scholarship of the European Commission
  • the regional scholarship for international student mobility in the Occitanie region


The Erasmus+ program aims at enabling European students and higher education institution staff (lecturers and administrative employees) to live an international experience, in order to open their mind to interculturality, reinforce their skills and finally increase their potential in the professional area. ENSCM is deeply involved in the Erasmus+ program and works hard in order to allow its students and staff to massively participate to this international opening and take advantage of its opportunities.

>>> Download our ERASMUS PLUS policy (on the right)