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Conférence: lecture of Dr. Jean-François Brière

06 December
Date and hours

06 December / 14:00 - 16:00

Event location

ENSCM - amphi Godechot,

Meldrum’s acid: a useful platform for the organocatalyzed synthesis of heterocycles

Dr. Jean-François Brière, D.R. CNRS

Laboratoire COBRA Chimie Organique Bioorganique Réactivité et Analyse
UMR 6014 CNRS, INSA & Université de Rouen-Normandie

The development of catalysts or catalytic systems able to accelerate the construction of molecular architectures is at the heart of modern organic synthesis connected to sustainable chemistry. Our research tackles the organocatalytic elaboration of high value chiral heterocycle derivatives, as useful building blocks for the construction of medicinally relevant compounds through the exploration of the 3D chemical space (see http://www.lab-cobra.fr).

More recently, we have been investigating the specific chemical reactivity of Meldrum’s acid, a cheap and readily available starting material. In that context, it was found that Meldrum’s acid derivatives may be involved into either annulation reactions (as a C2-synthon), or multicomponent reactions (as a C3-synthon) by means of organocatalytic and enantioselective reaction conditions.

[see illustrations online in URL herebelow]

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